For Developers

👉 Getting started

If you are new to DevRev, we would recommend learning about our core concepts before getting started.

Once you have a DevRev account, you can access the APIs with a personal access token (PAT) that you create in the DevRev app.

A brief tutorial shows you how to access the APIs.

🧬 Methods

Specifications covering the supported APIs are based on OpenAPI Specification 3.0. You can download the specs to use an OpenAPI 3.0-compliant tool to perform a variety of actions, including rendering them in UI and generating SDKs. Two versions of the DevRev API are available: public and beta (early access). Use the drop-down menu in the upper-left corner of this site to switch between versions.

To take action based on events from the DevRev platform, webhooks are also supported.

🧩 Snap-ins

Numerous snap-ins are available on the DevRev Marketplace. The snap-in framework is available for you to create your own snap-ins for automation of DevRev workflows or integration with other system.

💻 SDKs